Q. Where on Earth is the Bundy Hall?

A. Bundy Hall is located in farmland halfway between the Victorian towns of Sale and Maffra. Click on the ‘Contact’ page for a map

Q. Do you have all abilities Access?

A. Yes. We have all access amenities, parking and pathways into the venue. Note: Please contact us to reserve a wheelchair space or enquire about any other access requirements.

Q. What happens if I can’t make it to a show I have purchased tickets for?

A. If you contact us AT LEAST a week (7 days) before a show we may refund your tickets. If we have an active waiting list for a sold-out show we will refund your tickets. If you need clarification please contact us as every show is a little bit different. (Please keep in mind we are a volunteer organisation that only has ticket sales to fund shows)

Q. I can’t find my e-ticket?

A. Please search ‘TryBooking’ in your email inbox and junk folders first. If you still can’t find it, give us a buzz or send us an email and we will sort it out for you. We do have a full list of ticket holders at the door.

Q. Is there food available at a show?

A. Every Live at the Bundy show begins with a community gourmet BBQ. The prices are very reasonable. All proceeds go to the continued upkeep of the hall.

Q. What about drinks?

A. BYO alcohol. Tea, Coffee, Water & Soft Drinks are available for purchase. We advocate responsible drinking. No large eskies are allowed into the Hall.

Q. I have heard there is a Bus, what do I have to do to get on it?

A. Sale Bus Lines sometimes runs a bus if it’s available and there is enough demand. The run usually includes Sale, Maffra and surrounds. You can call Brett on PH: 0408384147

Q. Whats’s the deal with Membership?

A. Have a look at our store for all the details.

Q. How do I find out about upcoming shows?

A. Join our free email list by clicking HERE or visit our Facebook Page and check out the Events section.

Q. Is camping available?

A. Please contact us if you are thinking about camping, the size of the show dictates how much space might be available.

Q. Are children welcome?

A. It is best to contact us prior to a show if you would like your kids to attend. Children must (1) Not be feral and (2) Be supervised at all times (3) Hearing protection should be considered for young children. Admission for under 17’s is generally free unless we have a sold out fully seated show in which case your kids will need a ticket to get a seat!

Q. Are Bundy shows seated?

A. It varies depending on the type of show & the numbers attending. There is always limited seating available for the early birds. If you need a seat due to health reasons we are happy to reserve a spot for you. all you need to do is contact us.